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Bee Purple : Selected poetry of Carroll Klein
vii + 45 pp.; 6"x9"
First edition, © 2006
$8.00 + postage

32 poems

bee purple : (n) the ultraviolet region of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to bees and used in searching for nectar, but is invisible to humans.

Up North

This was a place where I was young
when I still walked in snow
with pleasure
and smelled the emptiness in the frozen air
where spring days stretched light across the sky
and dazzled the candle ice  the stands of scrub
always there were tracks
the breadcrumb trails of dogs and cats
unsettling the grainy crusts of snow
the scat of wild things
I didn’t know enough to fear
and small ruined corpses  rabbits  mice
I found a lynx once  dead in a trap
a thin bloody corpse whose long dying
went unattended  
a frozen unforgiving moment
on the edge of my life
uneasy as wind on the wide tundra

Carroll Klein