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Pam Woodland
Covers and interior work on my book design site.
Photos, drawings, and miscellaneous work by others on flickr

Blurb bookstore. Robert and I have, between us, three titles in our “bookstore”. See individual titles on page 2 of the covers list.

Robert W. Harwood, photography
He writes, and takes great pictures, too! See his photo portfolio of the seasonal faces of the Laurel Creek Conservation Area. Showcasing the richness and diversity of a small but rich eco-zone.
On flickr
On Blurb

Maxwell Simmer | Version House
Producers of digital books. Their focus is on creating and distributing works of poetry and fiction. They develop, publish and distribute their own publications, and also offer digital publishing services to a wide range of clients.

James R. Page, photographer, author
Exceptional outdoor photography. Diverse habitats and deep observations of the small and large. And he can write.

Photographer of:
Irony in Steel : Sculpture, by Jan Johnson
Harland Press, 2016

Author/photographer of:
Wild Prairie: A Photographer's Personal Journey by James R. Page. David Suzuki Foundation, Greystone. (Hardcover — September, 2005). Award winning text and cover design by Peter Cocking

Principal photographer of:
Prairie: A Natural History by Candace Savage (Paperback — April 2006). Text and cover design by George Vaitkunas. Cover photo by Branimir Gjetva. Greystone

Contact your favourite bookstore or go to Amazon.
On flickr



When we lived in Kitchener/Waterloo, we were well served by Volumes Publishing. They are still providing us with quality and reliable service.

Blurb, on-line, print-on-demand publishing of 4/c books

Amazon has Createspace

Blitzprint is on our radar for runs between 50 and 250 copies or 4-colour books

Friesens is competitively priced for quantities over 250 and offers exceptional products and service

There are countless other resources available. I prefer to keep it simple and deal with a few known, quality producers of proven reputation and competitive value

That said, we are always on the lookout for competitive printers of short-run titles